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When you have to…

Shield. Select.

Select Fabricators, Inc.  is the premier US manufacturer of EMI and RF Shielding Products for the electronic and wireless testing industries. SELECT uses advanced materials and the highest quality production standards in the industry. Our proprietary, RoHS compliant Nova Select material is durable and lightweight. This Silver/Copper/Nickel plated ripstop nylon fabric delivers exceptional shielding and RF isolation. With our design innovation and manufacturing expertise SELECT can transform this highly flexible material into any size and shape; creating an almost endless range of application solutions.

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When you have to sew, Select

Sew. Select.

SELECT has the ability to sew or join a wide range of flexible materials into custom products for single use or wide distribution. Our in-house sewing department is quality focused, creative and trained to comply with stringent standards and customer requirements.  SELECT’s sewers are particularly adept at sewing and finishing the conductive nylon fabrics used in RF / EMI shielding products as well as ESD liners, flame retardant layers, magnetic closure systems, and extremely large scale curtains and enclosures.

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